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AmeriPlan® Dental PLUS - Alternative to expensive Dental Insurance

Savings up to 80% OFF with AmeriPlan® Dental Care  

!!! Dental Care FREE for LIFE !!!
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Affordable AmeriPlan® Dental PLUS Program

The AmeriPlan® Nationwide Discount Dental Program is an affordable dental insurance alternative option for individual dental care and family dental care. What separates us from "other" discount dental health care programs and dental insurance is our FREE program package (details below) and large provider network:
  • 30,000 + Dental Care Providers (find a dentist in your area)
  • 12,000 + Optical Care Providers
  • 50,000 + Pharmacy Retail Locations
  • 7,500 + Chiropractic Care Doctors

That's 99,000 + providers for you to SAVE thousands with throughout the Continental U.S. and Hawaii with AmeriPlan® (take it with you when you move).

Give me 5 minutes of your valuable time and I'll show you how to save hundreds to thousands of dollars YEARLY on your medical expenses.  READ FURTHER !!!!

AmeriPlan® Member Testimonials

This program saves you up to 80% OFF dental health care services with  AmeriPlan® Dental PLUS.  Have a dental problem? Do YOU need a dental procedure or dental services like the following:

Dental exam
Teeth cleaning (tooth cleaning, deep tooth/teeth cleaning)
Fillings (tooth filling, composite filling, white filling, silver filling)
Tooth extraction (wisdom tooth extraction)
Root canal
Porcelain crown
Dentures (full dentures, partial dentures)
Braces (orthodontic braces, invisible braces, invisalign braces)
Tooth Bleaching (dental bleaching)
any other dental procedure or related dental problem?

STOP financing your dentists $500,000 home.

Start saving NOW with HUGE DISCOUNTS on ALL dental services with the AmeriPlan® Dental Plus program (a great dental insurance alternative) and a bonus program package:

FREE Vision Service Program, Prescription Program and Chiropractic Care

  • FREE Vision Service Program (Coast to Coast Vision®) - SAVES you from 20% to 60% OFF contact lenses and glasses. Save up to 30% on eye exams and surgery!
  • FREE Prescription Drug Program (Medco Health®) - SAVES you up to 50% OFF most generic drugs and up to 25% OFF most name brand drugs at many thousands of retail pharmacies!
  • FREE Chiropractic Program (Chiropractic Plans of America®) - Free initial consultation with 50% OFF diagnostic services and x-rays. Save up to 30% OFF all other treatments.

All above are FREE with the AmeriPlan® Dental PLUS Sign-Up.

Dental PLUS Fee's:   

$1495 /month Individual 

  $1995 /month Household/Family (includes Everyone, related or not) 



To view the procedure Fee Schedule for your area, please enter your
Zip Code and click the button to Submit.


Yes, you read it right, you don't have to be related to enjoy your full family membership even if more than 5 people live in your home (up to 20)!  If you are considering the Household or Family membership and you would like to have a FREE Dental for life Click HERE to learn more.

AmeriPlan® Dental PLUS program differs from dental insurance. Did you know that Dental insurance typically has a monetary cap on care that you are able to receive per year (typically $1,000). Most dental insurance policies also have a on-going clause which may not allow a you to receive treatment for a dental problem which you currently have until waiting for a specified length of time. AmeriPlan® dental has NO WAITING and all on-going conditions are accepted. Furthermore, with our dental program there are NO DEDUCTIBLES, which is not the case with a majority of dental insurance policies. You can also see the dentist immediately upon being accepted with AmeriPlan® Dental Plus. With dental insurance you may have to wait and have a limit on the number of visits per year that are payable by the policy. You NEVER have to do this with our dental program. You can visit as many times as you wish and are never required to wait. The only requirement that you have is that you must use one of our program dentists. You can find a dentist in your area by clicking on "Locate Providers" on the left navigation bar or below.

STOP paying for the HUMMER your dentist owns.

What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

New Nationwide Medical Program with over 400,000+ Providers
Medical includes Dental, Vision, Rx and Chiropractic Coverage

Affordable Individual and Family Dental Care

AmeriPlan® is the Nations Premiere Organization and your source for affordable dental care.  In business since 1993, we are helping over 1.4 million members save everyday!  To use our Program, you simply go to an AmeriPlan® provider in the Continental U.S. or Hawaii and pay the discounted rate at the time service is rendered.  Our dental health care program is a discounted fee for service program (not dental insurance) giving you the following:
  • Dental PLUS program available Immediately
  • NO Paperwork to fill out
  • NO Waiting Period
  • NO Age Limit
  • Guaranteed Pricing: know your actual cost and/or % discount before the visit
  • Have a dental problem? on-going conditions are accepted**
  • Orthodontic treatment included (orthodontic braces Save!)*
  • Specialists are included (Periodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, etc.)
  • Cosmetic dental care IS included (tooth bleaching, porcelain veneers, etc..)
  • YOU CAN CHANGE DENTISTS whenever you want
  • Vision Service Program includes discounts for LASIK vision correction
  • Membership Fee is guaranteed for TWO YEARS !!!

    * invisalign braces may not be available in all markets
    ** except orthodontic treatment already in progress

Don't wait any longer, your Dental Program start tomorrow when you join NOW CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP

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