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The Truth about Root Canals

Don't believe stories about root canal treatment which insinuate that it is a grueling procedure for the patient.  This can lead to unwarranted apprehension.  The truth is that it is an excellent and valuable treatment which can restore function and beauty in situations where the only alternative may be the removal of the tooth. Which the techniques and medications now being used, it can be a relatively easy experience, free from pain and any significant post treatment problems.  In fact, root canal therapy is no more uncomfortable than having a complex filling.  It is successful therapy which can be accomplished with your total comfort.

Because the internal vitality of the tooth is no longer present, many people  assume that the tooth is now a "foreign body", will become brittle and may be rejected by the body.  This is not the case because there is nutrition and blood supplying membrane between the root and bone which serves as a cushion and keeps things "natural".

Margaret A. Pippin, D.D.S. P.C. Specializing in Cosmetic and General Dentistry.  Dr. Pippin's private practice is located 3200 Hwy. 42, Stockbridge, GA (770)506-9818.



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